The Mistakes Of Buying Jewellery You Should Avoid

When buying jewellery, there are certain mistakes that can easily cost you considerable economic losses. The reason is chiefly because jewellery can be insanely expensive, and if you are not careful, you might end up buying something that cannot be used. Below are some of the most common mistakes people make when buying jewellery: 

  • Going over the budget – the most common mistake when it comes to buying jewellery is definitely going over your budget. When you visit a jewellery store – especially one of the higher-end stores overflowing with attendants – it is easy to see yourself getting lost between the explanations and descriptions of the salesperson, and the brilliance of the gems and precious metals you see. However, you should strive to maintain your good sense when shopping for jewellery, especially because fine jewellery does not come cheap. Do not be afraid to state that a specific piece of jewellery is above your budget – and do not give into temptations. 
  • Lack of understanding – jewellery is expensive, meaning you should not be basing a purchase on a single aspect of the product, whether that is its outward appearance, its cost or worse yet, the opinion of the salesperson. In order to make an informed decision before you purchase something, it is important to research the product in question. The same applies to jewellery. Spend some time understanding the basics of jewellery: for example, when you buy antique diamonds, it is extremely important to have an understanding of both diamonds and antique jewellery. 
  • Rings and ring sizes – since rings are one of the basic types of jewellery, it is worthwhile to state one of the worst mistakes to make when buying rings: mistaking ring sizes. A ring size too big can see the ring slip off frequently (or being way too lose to put on at all!), whereas a ring size too tight can become a pain to remove (or cannot be put on at all). Accordingly, make sure to properly find out the ring size of the recipient before you purchase a ring. When it comes to rare antique rings for sale Hong Kong, this is all the more important, because you only have one specific ring size to work with. 
  • Myths clouding your judgement – jewellery has been one of the few things that have maintained their image of luxury since ancient times. The fact has had both its positives and negatives – but one of the worst negative aspects it has allowed is definitely the abundance of myths with regards to jewellery. From myths that claim certain stone varieties to be unlucky to unconventional methods of ascertaining the quality of metals, there are various beliefs abound in society. It is a good idea to inform yourself of what is true and what is not before you head to a jewellery shop. 

Corporate Gift Ideas For People In Your Work Place And Your Clients

When we work in a business or the corporate sector, we must always make sure to build good relationships with our staff members/ coworkers and also our clients as well. This is not going to be possible unless you are willing to gain a mutual trust between the two parties. A good employer and employee relationship, along with a good employer and client relationship, is much needed if you have plans to make your business reach the very top with no issues or problems on the way. In order for this to happen you must gain your employee’s trust and treat them the way they should be treated.

Neglecting the well fare and the mental care of your employees is going to make them have less faith in you. This kind of special treatment must go towards your clients as well with no doubt, and one of the best ways you can make this happen is by handing them corporate presents. It does not even have to be a seasonal holiday, you can simply give a present as a token of your appreciation anytime of the year. Here are three ideas of how you should do it. 

Coffee mugs 

coffee mug gift is an easy and an inexpensive idea of a present you can give to both your employees and your clients as well. You can make special engraved mugs so that it is going to a more personal, special and unique touch to the present which will make them understand your appreciation even more.  

Engraved pens 

Engraved pens are one of the best ways of saying thank you and this kind of present is best given to a client even though they are suitable for employees as well. Pen gifts can be bought from a lot of different places and they too can be customized according to your preferences. You can either make them show the logo of your business or product which is a common idea but if not you can also make them a bit more personal depending on the person you are giving it to! If you are in search of a present that is useful yet is also a good token of appreciation, a pen is a good idea! 

Calendars – Calendars are not an uncommon present idea when it comes to corporate presents within a business or a company. You can print calendars in bulk to showcase your logos and products or you can simply go with a client’s preference if that is what you prefer instead.   

How To Use Your Skill To DIY The Perfect Baby Shower Gift?

Without a doubt, making a gift yourself makes it more thoughtful. Somehow, it’s always more meaningful when the gift isn’t simply pulled off a shelf. Though it’s definitely more time consuming, it’s definitely worth the time and effort. If you are wondering how to use your skills to DIY the perfect baby shower gifts, the below tips are exclusively for you…!

  • Your organizing skills – most baby showers are planned as a surprise for the expectant mother or both parents. If you are particularly good at organizing, or even event planning, then you can organize the baby shower on their behalf. If this is already taken care of, then you can even lend your skills for organizing, when it comes to organizing those chaotic few days before and after the baby is born.
  • Your sewing skills – If your “special power” comes to light with needle and thread, then your skills can be put to plenty of use; especially when it comes to DIYing a gift for the baby shower. From baby and maternity clothes to blankets, personalized pillow covers to even personalized diaper holders, you can let your imagination loose. If time is standing against you, consider buying a plain baby products shopping, and then enhance it with your sewing skills.
  • Your crocheting skills – if your skills lean more towards the crocheting hook rather than the sewing needle, then you can still put your skills to work. Again, if you like, you could do the clothes or the baby room accessories. For that you can once more use those baby products online to shorten your working time. But apart from this, you can even DIY crocheted plushies for the baby; projects that will take less time.
  • Your photography skills – if you are a skilled photographer, no doubt you’d like to use your skills and transform it into a gift. And the great news is that you can definitely make thoughtful and cute gifts through this skill! To do so, you can volunteer to be the “official photographer” for the baby shower, offer your skills for a maternity shoot, or even do the same for a new born photoshoot. Throw in a cute album, and you’re set to go.
  • Your furniture making skills – are you handy with your hands? Do your specialties run with wood and furniture making? If you’re wondering if this skill can be used to DIY a baby shower gift, then the answer is a definite yes. Personalized cots, nursery rocking chairs, baby cabinets and drawers and even personalized changing tables; your options are plentiful. Find a project that will suit your time and skills.